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If you're a partner or prospective partner with an active customer project for which KNIME may be a fit, please submit your leads here.

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Partners are a critical aspect of the KNIME ecosystem, providing the specific industry knowledge and the capabilities that our customers leverage to successfully deploy KNIME in the enterprise, and at scale. Partners drive innovation into our open source ecosystem and they help KNIME provide local support and consulting in locations where there is no KNIME office.

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Featured Technology Partner: Snowflake

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KNIME Partner Awards 2023 infocom, InforA and Zalesia

KNIME Partner Awards 2023

Congratulations to Infocom, Zalesia, and InfoA, the respective winners of the KNIME Partner, Emerging Partner, and Innovation Partner of the Year 2023 for their outstanding success and innovation.

The Partner of the Year awards recognize excellent performance by partners across business growth, customer service, training and enablement, contributions to the KNIME community and delivery of quality projects. This year, the awards have been expanded to introduce the Emerging Partner of the Year to highlight exceptional work of partners who have recently joined the Partner Program..

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Partner Program Benefits

Partner Portal: exclusive material for KNIME partners

Sales & Marketing Support: support for sales and marketing teams with sales training and deal shadowing

Event Support: lead generation events, joint PR and evangelism activities

Lead Registration Form: commissions credit, sales and tech support, sales process ownership

KNIME Business Hub License: free license for internal, non-commercial use and demos

Partner Share: commission for lead source, assist, technical support, and renewals

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KNIME Analytics Platform
The KNIME Partner Program:
Victor Toledo, coreDevX

Victor Toledo is the Director of Analytics at coreDevX.

Hear what he has to say about being a KNIME Partner!

Partner Award Program

This program recognizes partners who share best practice, demonstrate outstanding customer service, deliver quality projects, and more.

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Partner Plan and Commissions

Read and download our detailed Partner Plan and Commissions document.

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